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135, 4th Cross Street, Lakshmi Nagar Extn, Porur Chennai 600116

Mon - Sun: 9 am - 6 30 pm

New Kerala Chips

Kanchipuram Tapioca Chips

$10.99 $10.99

Buy tapioca chips online from Snackative in USA. Tapioca Chips are made out of Tapioca, commonly known to many of us as Cassava plant roots This root is grown in many parts of South India and used as one of the staple food. Thin wafers of Tapioca root are fried in coconut oil, salted and often spiced. High in carbohydrates, it is nevertheless a crunchy and tasty snack. The chips are crunchier than banana or potato chips.

Tapioca chips price is offered at a reasonable standard and if you have the passion towards eating it, you can always buy it.

How to Buy Tapioca Chips Online in the USA?

Tapioca chips are manufactured and sold in several means and ways in the United States of America. Out of all these manufacturers, Snackative plays a major role of buying a quality product from its native place and deliver them to the needy. You can buy tapioca chips from Snackative by simply adding this product to the cart and checkout by making the payment.

Apart from any other factors. The uniqueness of the products are:

  • 100% Vegetarian
  • Fresh oil is used for preparation. No reused oil.
  • The tapioca is organically grown and prepared in a healthy environment.  
  • The highest standard of safety is followed for the hygienic practice.

Excellent snack product from Kanchipuram. Less oil used, unprocessed, great tasting and crunchy. Traditional snacks are a real symbol and wisdom of good health.