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135, 4th Cross Street, Lakshmi Nagar Extn, Porur Chennai 600116

Mon - Sun: 9 am - 6 30 pm


Chettinadu Thenkuzhal Murukku

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"Chettinad Thenkuzhal Murukku," as the name implies, is a honey-like dish. Chettinadu is well-known for its original Thenkuzhal murukku recipe. Thenkuzhal is distinguished by its crispiness, which is free of any reddish fried colour. While the majority of restaurants will turn a reddish tinge to indicate their level of crispiness, this is not the case with thenkuzhal. The peculiar texture and flavour of Thenkuzhal are a result of the ingredients and their proportions. In Chettinadu, the traditional method of preparing ThenKuzhal is still used.

Chettinad Thenkuzhal is a renowned Indian snack. It is a crispy South Indian dish. It is cooked according to more traditional ideas and is prepared in advance of several festivals, the most notable of which being Diwali.

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Murukku is a savoury, crunchy snack popular in India. The snack originated in South India and gets its name from the Tamil word for "twisted," which refers to the food's form. It is typically prepared with rice and urad dal flour. Sesame seeds or cumin seeds are used in the preparation of flours. By hand or with the aid of a mould, the substance is kneaded into a dough and then formed into spiral or coil shapes. The spirals are then deep fried in vegetable oil. Order "Best Chettinadu Thenkuzhal Muruku" online from us.

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